Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Weekend Wrap-Up!

Hope you all had a fun, relaxing  (yea right, its almost Christmas... who am I kidding) and eventful weekend like we had! I would like to share "few things that our family did this weekend" posts each Monday on the Blog, and will try to have them up every Monday before noon (give or take).

I love to spend as much time as I can with Romey and hubby on weekends since during the week can get so busy, with daycare, work, errands and such during the week. Every Friday night is our mini "family fun night" where we go out to dinner or order-in something yummy and do something that he loves. Here is a break down in pictures of our weekend:

At McDonalds Playplace after eating.

Mommy & Daddy's "late dinner date" at Jack Astors after we put him to sleep at Grandma's.

Playing on his "truck" before we go out on Saturday Morning

At Fantasy Fair (my baby LOVES firetrucks") on a ride

STILL on the firetruck.. had to pry him off!!!

Santa makes an Appearance! "HI SANTA"!!!!

On another ride (my boy loves "driving")

Walking around telling me where he wants to go next. BOSSY!

Sunday morning, ready for church!

Sunday "Night activities" (run down - in next post)

Reading with mommy before bedtime. 
We went Shopping! Children's Place had a sale.. couldn't resist!

Bed-time Snack!

Yummy chocolate-chip teddy grams. <3

That was our weekend! I will go into more detail of our "Night Activities" in the next post, so look out for that tomorrow!


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