Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nightly Activities: What our son likes to do before bedtime.

Every child has a nightly list of things or activities that they like to do leading up to bed-time. At our house, Romey likes to do a VARIETY of things before he goes to sleep, which many of them HAVE to be done before he can "settle down".  

Most of the time, our nights start off with eating dinner at  5:30pm (we live with my parents so Grandma usually cooks and has dinner ready by this time and we all eat together... lucky me, I know!).

Then we follow with bath time around 7:00pm - which is one of my favourite times with him because I use this time in the tub as a fun learning while we clean time, which we sing songs that he recently learned at daycare or songs I made up to to teach him how to spell his name. We also like to clown around, get the floors wet and be silly! (Clean up time is not as fun, but the splashes and laughs with him are so worth it!) I like to use the "Live Clean Baby" line, including the moisturizing baby bath soap.

After bath time, he usually likes to come back downstairs and play with daddy and his grandparents while I'm cleaning up our "fun" mess.

With daddy playing who knows what on his Android

Now its SNACK TIME! Every child's favourite time:
he loves teddy grams, Can you tell?!?

If we don't have time for snack or he had a later dinner, I usually give him his milk in a sippy cup. Here he is waiting for me to make his milk, all like "Hurry up mommy!"..

After I'm done cleaning up and it's around 8:00pm, I like to bring him up to his room for "quiet play", where we do calming activities like learning to sketch/write in his learning pad book, shown below or, we play educational games like Endless ABC's (HIGHLY recommend this app for fun learning of the ABCs for babies) on my tablet or watch tree house for a bit in mommy's room until I see those "sleepy eyes". Then I know it's time to bring him to his room.

Watching Caillou with mommy

Playing Endless ABCs
 Once I know he's ready for bed, usually anywhere between 8:30-9;00pm, we will go into his room and read. He likes to pick out his favourite books, usually "Where's Spot" or any other pop-up book.

 After a little snuggling and kisses, Its nighty-night time! He doesn't yet fall asleep on his own with crying, so we tend to lay beside him for a few minutes (sometimes hours!) til he falls asleep. I try not to push him to fall asleep on his own, since i was like this as well when i was younger and I learned to do it when i was ready. He will eventually, so until then, i don't mind the extra cuddle time!

What are your favourite night time routines and activities? I'd love to hear!

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