Monday, November 11, 2013

Who is "Purple Heart", why did I start this blog & my version of "the cosmo quiz"...

Well first off, My real name is Rochelle. Purple Heart is the name of my online Ladies's Fashion Accessories shop, which will be launching in a few short weeks!

What's meaning behind the name, Purple Heart you ask?

When I was growing up, I was known to love two things, well 3 if you add in B2K (yikes... that was a sick obsession that I am not proud of). The 2 things were: the colour Purple and the shape of a Heart. Every notebook or paper that I ever had to write my name on had a small heart above the "o" in my name. Why, I still to this day couldn't tell you. I was just a girl who loved to draw hearts and buy purple things. So when I was in the brain-storming stage of creating a business name, it was pretty obvious to me that I had to include both.

I always wanted to start a blog (Sounds so cliche but it was really a life goal of mine, along with being interviewed by Oprah). But as always, something always came up to distract me or take my attention and time away ( especially as a busy momma). And now that I am a new business owner, wife, mommy and full-time employee... I thought to myself, I can't get any more busier than I am now so this HAS TO BE done and NOW. And there you have it... "a purple heart lifestyle" blog was born.

I want to create a place where I can learn more about myself, being a well-balanced young woman & mother. What inspires me. How I can re-invent my personal style and life yet still be present in my family's life. A place where I can connect with young mommies around the world who are in the same stage of life as me, so that we can help each other feel like less alone and more inspired. 
With this blog and new business venture, I want to re-create a beautful, inspired and creative life for myself so that I can really focus on what really matters most: my family and our future. Eventually I want to leave the corporate world and pursue a life of passion, purpose and freedom to cherish this short but beautiful life God blessed me with. And with that journey in mind, I want to inspire and encourage other young moms that they can do the same thing. 

The first step is to BELIEVE in yourself.

We all deserve to create our own happiness without having to give up something that matters to us. This is why I wanted to launch this blog and create a worldwide community of like-minded "mommy-preneurs" to connect with, encourage, and learn with! 

Join me on my journey to new style, bolder life choices and self-made success! I cannot wait to meet you.

As a way for you to get to know the "Rochelle", I decided to re-create one of those fun Cosmopolitan Magazine questionnaire quiz that they usually have their featuring celebs do to get tho know them more on the personal side. I LOVE reading them, so I thought it would be fun to make my own.

It would also be fun if you girls can comment below your answers  as well!

Sounds like fun?... here it goes mine:


1. Name: Rochelle Ford-Wilson

2. Nickname: r0 or ro-ro(my dad made up that name for me years ago)

3. Which do you prefer in the morning before a long day:
a.) coffee
b.) tea
c.) shower
d.) "love-making" with the hubby IN the shower
e.) hour work-out session at an early morning Zumba class
(if celebs can choose more than 1 answer, so can I! Both are equally great to start the mornings with)

4. Essie or OPI nail lacquer? Essie! but I still love me some OPI from time to time, depending on season of colours. For example, Essie as great spring & summer collections.

5. If you could drop everything you are doing now and get a dream vacation to any place with just  you & your "boo", where would you go?
a. a romatic chateau in Paris, perfect view from the Eiffel Tower (always wanted to go to Paris, sadly cant afford it)
b. secluded adults only Resort in The Bahamas
c. Cozy couples ski logde in Switzerland
d. at home for a week with no interruptions and $1000 in sending money (to use only for couple activities and outings - NOT SHOPPING ladies)

6.) Best marriage/relationship advice I ever recieved and actually USE:
      "never share your relationship problems with friends or strangers... keep it between the two of you and work it out together without others imputs" - best advice from my aunt at our wedding shower.


Hope that made us a little more acquainted now. 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you back here, and soon!  

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