Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The "Hard" Days we all go through... How do you cope?

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You know those days when nothing is going well for you, or at least that's what you're telling yourself. The days where you can't seem to find time to do anything that you should or want to be doing like posting new content to your blog, crafting items for your Etsy page, checking your Twitter feed, Pinterest boards, Instagram replies or basically just being able to read at least one of those 5 books you bought at Indigo-chapters several weeks ago?

How do you convince your self that life isn't that bad... and that you actually made sooooome progress towards your goals today?
For me, today is definitely one of those days...

However, I REFUSE to let it get the best of me.

So instead of being a "Downer-Debbie", I decided to come up with a few easy ways to burst those big, ugly bubbles of self-doubt, disappointment and the serious case of  "I AM SO LAME" self-pity surrounding you (I came to the conclusion that by doing this small activity, it might actually help not only myself get out of this funk, but also someone else who badly needed it today. And just that thought alone made me feel a tad bit better).

Here's what I came up with:

- Talk about it. - Ladies, we all know that from time-to-time, we like to keep things bottled up within ourselves, pretending that we are OK, yet having a "FIT-BALL" with our poor spouse in private. We need to open up, maybe call up a close friend or just simply sit your boo down and really expression yourself (In a healthy, non-violent way of course). That is one of the best remedies I have found that helps me instantly feel better, even if the situation is not 100% resolved or "better" yet.
- Watch you favourite sitcom...with a glass of wine or some type of "happy beverage" you like. - Clearly this point is self-explanatory. You laugh, you zone out of your own life and into the characters on T.V, well for at least 30 minutes and you also can sip a calming drink in which you very much enjoy (I occasionally don't have wine but most of the time I wish I had.)
- Write in a private journal or if open enough, blog about it. - I find that when I actually write something down that is bothering me, either in my journal or on my blog, I always feel inspired afterwards, as if I somehow helped myself to never have to deal with it in my head again because now it's on paper to re-read if I need to. I instantly clear it from my head (it might still be somewhere in the back of my head but at least its not in every thought I have unlike before) and feel a sign of relief that usually lasts a while. I try to write out as much of the issue or feelings I am experiencing and then write on how it is affecting me, as though I'm talking to the actual person or thing that caused it. That to me is very therapeutic and calming. It also helps me to gain a lot of clarity on the issue if I re-read and think about it for a few minuets after writing.
- Log on to Pinterest and browse through the "quotes" category. - Some of you might be saying to yourself, really Rochelle? Seriously though, this helps me so much. I L-O-V-E motivational quotes. I am the type of person to sporadically post them on my instagram, to help brighten my followers day. That's just me.(Corny to you? Ah well.. Its my vice, what's yours.) I think that when you are browsing through, and you find really good ones that speak to you, you should then keep them on your phone, desk-top background or re-pin them just to have them in places you see often to continue to inspire you. Hey, it works for me... mine as well give it a try!
Writing this has already been helpful for me and in reading this, I hope it has been for some of you also. I would love to hear other tips and methods others use to cope on those Hard days we all have.
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