Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our "couples night in"

Last night we decided to host a "couples night-in" with Chris' cousin and new wife. It is something that we found ourselves doing for the past couple of weekends prior. I love having conversations with like-minded couples in our age category. We can share, relate to each other and our experiences and best of all, we can share about our ISSUES in a light-hearted, safe environment.

So along with amazing convo, we made cookies - This is one o the better batches we did, and no I am not showing you the bad ones) ,

Hot drinks, and then setteled in to a perfect date night companion- a Romantic-Comedy- which we watched the movie "Waitress". After the movie we were suppose to play an "adult" (adult meaning no babies around, or toddlers and must be in bed, sound asleep) board game, but acutally ended up falling asleep on the couch instead. A perfectly imperfect night end to our night in. This just solidifies how "Married" we are!

What are some of you "date night" ideas for the winter? I'd love to hear some.

Happy Saturday friends! 

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