Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Winter, what have you done with my skin! Skincare Routine

Old man winter always has a way of messing with our hair, skin and lips. I cannot tell you how many jars of Blistex me and hubby go through weekly to help our lips survive from being chapped and dry.

My face is a whole other thing.

In the winter, I actually have to change my products, the way I use them and how much I use.

**Since I came across Arbonne and chemical/paraben free products, I have changed my skin care and make-up to   healthier and safer options, which is what you will see in my skincare routine below.**

Normally I would do the normal cleanser, toner, acne medication and moisturizer but in the winter I HAVE to take out toner completely in hope of not taking away any more moisture that my skin needs.

Here is a run down of what I use, and of course no skin care would be complete with out my Mia2 Clarisonic:

For the most part, daily I like to use the Live Clean Foam Cleanser with my Mia2, rinse well then apply my Live Clean Moisturizer. They go hand in hand and leave my face feeling supple, well moisturized and light.

When the weather gets really cold and i feel like my face feels dry (doesn't happen a lot), I like to use my Arbonne products from the FC5 line. They are amazing to use when you have dry skin and need a refreshing dose of moisture protection and a sealed in barrier. These products do not sell in store but online or through an Arbonne Consultant (I use to be one and even though I don't host parties anymore, I still love their products and purchase them often).

Weekly, I like to have a mask night where I use a mask that is good for the specific need my skin has. When i feel that my skin is congested and oily, this is my GO TO MASK! I love Origins products and this mask is no exception. Perfect for drawing out those deep impurities that cause skin to get oily and persistent breakouts. This is definitely one of my favourites and a must try!

And of course all my products work even better with my Clarisonic. I use the Deep Pore brush head, and I find that my skin works well with it. Every skin type is different and you must try until you know you've found the right one. I started with the sensitive, which they advise all new owners of the cleansing brush to do. I found that it was just to soft and wasn't doing my skin any justice. This one works great for me.

What do you normally add or take away from your skincare routine? 


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