Friday, February 7, 2014

My Young Career Mommy Fashion Style: C.C.C

C.C.C makes up the 3 main statements I look to meet when choosing my outfits for work style.


Now that I am a mom and a young one at that, I want to go back to career-mode in a fashionable yet "take me seriously because Im here to WORK" style.

I thought It would be fun to share with you, my readers, some of the outfits I will be wearing once I start working next week. I am in Corporate Recruitment for a large investment company, so clearly that must tell you I need to have first and for most have a "professional demeanour". Secondly, I want to bring in Spring sooner that the weather does with bright, happy colours mixed with classic blacks and whites to make a pow statement.

With that said, I will be posting weekly my outfits and accessories worn to work, to share with other career mommies who are also young and vibrant and share of my experiences with finding, picking and wearing them.

Most of the accessories I will be wearing will come from my Purple Heart line of jewelry and statement pieces, but a lot of the outfits will just be from daily/weekly scouting at malls, department stores and of course Joe fresh (I absolutely LOVE Joe Fresh Baby for my son and Joe Fresh Women for me!)

Here are a few new pieces I got this past week to kick off my new "Mommy Goes to Work: Fashion Diaries" posts starting this month on the blog. I hope you follow along, tweet me your opinions and favourite places to shop at @aPurpleHeartMom.

First up, I believe every young professional needs a TON of sexy, tailored Blazers. They give you that crisp, clean and well-put-together look, especially with a statement piece necklace. I got a grey and a white to start things off. I think these two colours can work with numerous colour mixes.

Forever XXI - White - $29.80

Forever XXI - Grey $29.80
Purple Heart - Nude & Turquoise Statement Piece

Purple Heart - Collar Pearls Necklace
Next up, SHOES!!!!
I still have a lot more shoes to add to my small but growing collection, but I thought these 3 were a good place to start. Some of you remember my Leopard Ankle Booties from a previous post here. I absolutely love them! I also got a new Nude pump with Black accents and a cute wedge heel from Nine West. I love these colours since they can go with a variety of outfits.  Comfort is definitely a big factor when it comes to shoes, so I will only purchase options that I can actually make it during the day in! My collection is coming along.. 

Sears - $5.00!!!! (Clearance Sale)

Shoe Company - $25 (sale as well)

Winners - $39.99

Lastly, Pants. I love the fitted/tailored to the bottom style this past few seasons. They give the legs length, definition and go well with sexy pumps or comfy flats. Here is one I picked up yesterday from Forever XXI. I love pants like this that are made from that stretchy material which helps to pin in they Muffin top we momma's know and hate! Also, I like that it gives us that well-defined look and still is comfy as TNA yoga pants. Best of both worlds I say!

Forever XXI - Black with Tuxedo white strip on sides - $39.00

Follow along weekly for more "Mommy Goes to Work: Fashion Diaries"! Cant wait to tweet with you all!

Off to the movies with mom! Happy Weekend!


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