Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Inspiration - #2014BloggerChallenge

HAPPY 2014!!!!!

For our first #2014bloggerChallenge post, we are suppose to choose one picture, quote or thing that we have found inspirational and that we can use for our 2014 goals. 

For me, it was an obvious choice that I had to use a Lara Casey imagine from her shop because she has the most motivating quotes ever! I purchased my first set of her Power Sheets last year and they came with a beautiful gold foil card saying this:

After I received this package, I actually put this card up on my desk where I can always see it and resort back to it, especially on days where I feel lack of motivation. 

This quote to me simply means go and make the life you want and don't stop for anything or anyone. You have all the things you need to make your dreams come true NOW even if you think you don't. I love that it is very straight forward and that anyone can read it and can form their own motivation from it.

Hope you all have an Amazing 2014, Making Things Happen!!


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